Senior Golf Lessons with Swing Tips and Instructions Video Course For Senior Golfers

Dear Fellow Golfer, If you are looking to improve your golf swing manifold like 20, 40 and even 70 yards extra out of every swing then should read out carefully about the senior golf lessons we gonna talk about.

My belief is that the older you are, the more powerful your swing becomes. Wisdom, patience, and experience are the three ingredients of a proficient golfer.  As all these comes naturally with your age. 

Senior golfers do experience less flexibility and more health problems than young golfers. But we can overcome that with specific golf exercises and health guides for seniors. Keeping all this in mind, we can say that senior golfers can easily knock off young players if they focus more on their technique and health.

After all, I consider it is the technique, not the power to drive a perfect swing. For example, you must have experienced that even a 350-yard drive is pointless if you put the ball in a sand trap, water hazard, or deep rough. A super-powerful shot won’t help if the ball is not hitting the sweet spot.

You must have experienced the days when you have squeezed all your muscles just to cover 200 yards and also the days when you tirelessly covered 250 plus yards easily flying. 

Simply speaking, It is the force you transfer to the ball, that matters. No matter how much force you generate from the swing. That means you just don’t need the swing to be powerful but you also need a swing method to drive the ball 280+ yards consistently.

What is inside the Senior Golf lessons?

Senior Golf Lessons: Senior Golf Swing includes step-by-step video instructions especially designed for seniors to make them do effortless powerful swings.

After learning the Simple Senior Swing method, you will feel less tired not just after the first nine but even after the full day of golf. The beauty of this method is that it leverages the body’s natural movement to power the perfect shot. 

The whole video course is downloadable and can be accessed on all devices either MAC or PC. There are no subscription charges whatsoever other than lifetime fees of 37$ only.

  1. Master the Kinetic chain for an exponential increase in distance covered to every drive.
  2. Clubface trick that you can learn instantly and use it in your next game to make a substantial improvement in ball control and get rid of skulls, shanks, and slices.
  3. Golf tips that help you cover the largest distance with the least amount of effort.
  4. The best posture for more accurate and straight shots.
  5. Optimally lag your shot for the perfect swing plane, regardless of whether you’re on a hill, in the rough, or even in a bunker
  6. Using self-correcting grip to have more control on your golf club.
  7. Leveraging your body’s natural movement momentum to add dozens of yards of distance to your iron game.

Get the Simple Senior Swing developed by Professional Instructor For Senior Golfers

Simple Senior Swing is a revolutionary golfing techniques video course by Alex Fortey developed specifically for Senior golfers. This step-by-step home study course comes with six components that help golfers enormously in improving swings.

Videos can be accessed from all devices (PC, MAC, IPAD, Mobile, etc) after downloading. Here are some reasons why you should get the Simple Senior Swing Lifetime access today:

  • The course is specifically designed for seniors
  • Home study course with no-nonsense video lessons
  • Senior Golf Tips to improve swing accuracy and consistency.
  • Easily Downloadable and Compatible with every device
  • 60 Days No Question Ask Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant access to all videos– No shipping hassle
  • Clickbank Secure Payment Gateway
  • High Success Rate and Passing Percentage
  • Trusted by 10000+ golfers worldwide

Who created the Senior Golf Lessons?

Simple Senior Golf is founded by Alex Fortey who is known for two things. One is the powerful drive that often reaches 320+ yards. Another thing which he is know for, is the golf instructions that help golfers from all over the world to improve distance and accuracy. Alex is also the man behind Art of Simple Golf, one of the biggest golf instruction websites in the world.

Senior Golf Lessons Step-by-step instructions video course


Here are just a few testimonials of students. We feel blessed when we hear about such outstanding results. Help us improve by sharing you feedback good or bad here.

After taking Senior Golf lessons, the thing I immediately noticed is that I've been doing wrong for years. Highly recommend this training, it did helped me improving my swing as a senior golfer. Good stuff!
John White
Senior Golfer
I considered golfing complicated and hard before but after watching Simple Senior Swing, my mind changed. The videos are so well explained and easy to implement. Whole heartedly thanks to Alex for bringing the course specifically for senior golfers.
Michael D Tow
Took Senior Golf Classes week before, I see massive improvements in my swings. These new swing principles are nowhere available over the internet except here. Great product overall. Served the purpose.
Charles E Rogers
Senior Golfer